Which Villa in Mauritius is the real GEM of them all?

While checking my emails today at work I noticed one particular message that was written to me by an owner with whom I collaborate who was addressing to me that she was disappointed of not seeing her villa listed amongst my list of favourite villas in Mauritius. Considering that my blog is only nearly 2 weeks old I was particularly positively touched by her message. Engagement and communication is everything. Having direct feedback of a partner who follows up on what you do and reads your publication and on top gives you feedback is a very nice form of encouragement. This is even exemplary! Owners, property managers and marketing agencies need to work hand in hand.

Mauritius Lilot Villa - view from above - © Renaud Vandermeeren and L'ilot

Mauritius Lilot Villa – view from above – © Renaud Vandermeeren and L’ilot

Mauritius Lilot Villa - close up of the villa - © Renaud Vandermeeren and L'ilot

Mauritius Lilot Villa – close up of the villa – © Renaud Vandermeeren and L’ilot

We are humans and what we publish on the world wide web is intended for YOU to be read – NO we don’t write texts for search engines to spider. So, a feedback means more than just the clicking of a like button. Therefore I gave her message the special attention that it deserves. The villa in question is Villa L’ilot and she is absolutely right, how could I have missed out her villa on my favourite listing page. Instead of just posting a photo and a short intro I decided to blog a whole post of her villa and also addressing a bit the villa theme.

Mauritius Lilot Villa - view from above with the access from main land - © Renaud Vandermeeren and L'ilot

Mauritius Lilot Villa – view from above with the access from main land – © Renaud Vandermeeren and L’ilot

What makes a villa a GEM in Mauritius?
Is it its design? The size? The architecture? The Rooms?…
Is it one of those common services such as having a maid and cooking service?…
Is it the price? Is it the content of items?…

…No, this is practically a common standard in most beach villas in Mauritius.
So what makes a villa a GEM in Mauritius?

Mauritius Lilot Villa - when location matters - © L'ilot

Mauritius Lilot Villa – when location matters – © L’ilot

Location is everything! Even in real estate everyone will tell you this right? Well it’s the same when choosing your villa in Mauritius. Even if you opt for a villa of simple design the value of its location will determine its price. The equation is easy; if the villa that you intend to book is of simple design and located at a rocky sea front where you cannot bath then the price of that villa will be and should be lower than the price of a villa that is located at a stunning white sandy beach and turquoise azure blue lagoon which is crystal clean and where you can jump right in. Even the government of Mauritius taxes beach villas according to their beach category. Beach category A is the best category and highest property tax needs to be paid.

There are indeed many villas in Mauritius along the coasts so how does one shine out more than the others?
Now, of course in Mauritius there are many private beach villas along the north, south, east and western coasts of Mauritius. Whatever your taste is, there will be some villas which will shine out more than others but there is a lot of choice when it comes to beach villas. But choice doesn’t mean straight away that they are all en mass available! I advise you to book very early as quite often villas are booked out for the peak seasons such as April, October, November, December and January.

Mauritius is known as a luxury destination and this is truly represented by whether its 5 star hotels or luxury villas. Many tourists imagine Mauritius with a beautiful white sandy beach and turquoise lagoon and their accommodation to be in a very remote place and them strolling alone along the beach. Such locations do exist in Mauritius but they don’t come cheap if you want this to be at your door step. So, what would be even more special than “just” having a beach villa for your holiday?
It would be to have your very own villa on a PRIVATE ISLAND!

Make your dream holiday come true in a villa on a private island
Mauritius is the main island. Mauritius also has several other islands and a vast ocean area. But the islands that you can access by car from the main land are few, therefore rare jewels. There are only a sparse amount of places in Mauritius where you can have a villa on a private island. But the most unique of them all is the villa L’ilot located on its very own private island of the size of 3100m² and 100m from the main land accessible by a bridge.
This is truly a Gem!

Staying in a villa on your very own island must definitely be more than a thrilling highlight in the way of spending your holiday in Mauritius and deliver a unique experience of its own. This must be truly the epitome for many who aspire to spend their holiday in Mauritius.

One can only imagine the various features and assets of what it must be like staying on a circular islet such as a 360° panoramic view.

An introduction to the villa L’ilot
The villa is located in the north east of Mauritius in the region called Roches Noires. The region is a small village and remotely situated and composed mainly of a few beach villas. If you are looking for a quiet place to lodge this is the place to be! With the upcoming development not far away called “AZURI” you should also have access in the near future to various activities and dining.

The villa has contemporary design and offers 4 bedrooms, it can accommodate 6 adults and 1-3 kids (less than 13 years old). First word up front you can also swim in its lagoon which you can access right from the villa.

Mauritius Lilot Villa - the lagoon where you can bath - © L'ilot

Mauritius Lilot Villa – the lagoon where you can bath – © L’ilot

The villa is also surrounded by a beach therefore you have it all in one spot! Definitely the ideal get away for a couple, families and friends.

In the past I had some clients from Germany who booked this villa. Most of my guests were usually a combination of 2 families who share the villa. This is also price wise very attractive! In comparison to a hotel if you divide the rental fee by 6 adults its way cheaper than what you would pay per suite in a 5 star hotel.

While speaking of hotels, if you are looking for full privacy and a very individual set-up and no other guests walking in front of your sun beds then a villa like L’ilot is the choice par excellence.

Contact me if you are interested in this villa. This villa is definitely no compromise to a hotel. Various other services can be organised upon request. Food is not an issue, I can go through those details with you when we go through the details of your booking. I’ll be happy to give you advise.

Isn’t the east coast very windy in the winter months?
The winter months where its windy on the east coast are around July and August in Mauritius. The advantage of staying on an islet is that you can adapt your position where you relax in your sun beds, from wherever the wind is blowing you can just change your position around the house and be protected from the wind. I had some guests who stayed at the villa in that particular winter months and there was no complaint regarding wind. Guests were very satisfied!

So wind in the winter season isn’t issue at this location! …and nature has its ways, there are also times where the winter months haven’t been very windy at all!

The villas amenities
The villa comes with a fully equipped kitchen, a beautiful large and spacious veranda from which you can enjoy beautiful sea views. 4 bedrooms, one is suited for kids having a bunk bed and one single bed. The villa is also equipped with ADSL, Wifi, monitored alarm, storm shutters, large inox Weber for barbecue, garden shower and a backup electric generator.

Mauritius Lilot Villa - the living room - © L'ilot

Mauritius Lilot Villa – the living room – © L’ilot

Mauritius Lilot Villa - view from the verandah - © L'ilot

Mauritius Lilot Villa – view from the verandah – © L’ilot

Ofcourse the villa has more to surprise you with! A small hint will be the possibility to get fresh catches of fisherman from the locality…

Mauritius Lilot Villa - double bedroom - © L'ilot

Mauritius Lilot Villa – double bedroom – © L’ilot

I recommend you on arrival day to make use of our shuttle that will bring you to the villa so that you avoid searching as in Mauritius many roads have no street name signs and there are also no house numbers so especially if you are coming at night you will have difficulty in finding your place and we also drive on the left. During your stay I also recommend you to have a car rental which I can organise for you that can be directly delivered to your villa.

There is definitely more to say about this villa! Discover more of this villa by clicking here.
Contact me if you would like to make a booking enquiry for this property!

Photos of L’ilot
Photos of Roches Noires

How would you like your perfect holiday in a villa to be like in Mauritius?
Which set up would the one you are dreaming of?

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