The Power of Brand Evangelism with Guy Kawasaki hosted by Jason T. Wiser

In this recorded Google+ hangout Jason T. Wiser interviews Guy Kawasaki (His Google+ has a stunning count of more than 370 Million views!) and Peg Fitzpatrick. In a simple way you can get to know what differentiates a brand evangelist from a sales person and various other attributes about a brand evangelist. As currently I was looking for material on the theme of branding this interview came in very handy. I have came across the blog of Guy Kawasaki several years ago where he offered various free downloads of his presentations. What I really liked in this recorded Google+ hangout was this part when he mentioned: “Evangelism can be used for various things but you also need to believe in what you are selling. To position helping people achieve security, peace of mind, satisfaction – its more about these soft goals. It’s not just about making a buck! Within this parameter you can apply evangelism. But evangelism isn’t the only way.” This is the very same essence of what he also used to say many back years then which impressed me and also gave my perception on entrepreneurship a complete different view and also a big lesson!

Unlock The Power Of Brand Evangelism

Unlock The Power Of Brand Evangelism

In this recorded Google+ hangout Guy Kawasaki also speaks of Canva for which he is now an evangelist. I have made notes of the interview from which many of you can learn. The link to the recorded Google+ hangout of On Track Tipps by Jason T. Wiser.

In a sum up, you need to have an awesome product that you love! If you have a crappy product you will have a tough time evangelising people about it! I also like the tipps Guy Kawasaki gave about recruiting. Is the person you are recruiting infected by your product? Check out for more below.

Canva – product to make graphics in a very simple way.

It’s up for a webby award.

What is a brand evangelist?
Someone that spreads the good news of a product or a service. Evangelism is a greek word in bringing the good news.

Evangelist vs. Sales Person
A sales person is more likely to haver his or her best interest at heart while an evangelist has more the other persons interest at heart.

Social Strategists
Working on social media posts, blogs, writers, getting articles out.

What is a brand evangelist?
What does it mean to embrace the brand evangelist?
Why it’s so important to hire infected people?
Many organisations when they are recruiting they look are two primary things: work experience and educational background. What should be added is infection.
What is this infection? Which is for example that you can have a really smart person that went to the right school has the righ experience BUT doesn’t get it, doesn’t love it! An example of hiring practices. The person must love the product and service else you shouldn’t hire that person.
A person to consider is someone who is fascinated by your product even though that person might not have the best school or experience!

Can I turn a raving fan into an evangelist?
How to be awesome?
How do I make my stuff great?
Making it great is hard! Some parameters you could check into mentioned by Guy Kawasaki:
Lots of features. Functionality.

Somebody was thinking. Example: When you look at Canva you get templates for pinterest, twitter, google+ etc. Ha! This person was thinking and understood the need for a quick design.

It’s not just the download. It’s the totality of the experience. The support, the API. Example: When you go to the restaurant its not just the food but also the waiter, the organic farm from where the food comes from etc.

Great products empower you and don’t fight you.

User interface. Industrial design.

These are the points you need to ponder upon if the product you are offering covers these!

Regardless of your pedrigree and your financial worth that YOU CAN DO SOMETHING!

Would you create a logo in Canva?

Book The art of the Start from Guy Kawasaki, connecting the dots between mantra and brand evangelism Canvas mantra is democratized design. Keeps your organisation on track. What does your company do? nothing about shareholders and so on… to much information! Simple words why you exist!

Self published authors – does anything change when you have to be your own brand evangelist?
You have to balance and not just talk of yourself all the time.
Find people that like your content over various social media channels and connect with them.

Self publishing is a beautiful thing. With Kindle ebooks you make 70% of the suggested retail price as opposed to 10-15%. Latest book of Guy Kawasaki is APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur-How to Publish a Book.
That book sells electronically at $10 and $7 goes to the authors!

You have to write and market your book at the same time.

How do you tell or what do you do if someone “falls out of love” with a product or service?
Create a great product or service! This is the most important thing! It’s much easier to evangelise a great product than a crap one.

It does help to have a charismatic personality.

Part of being an evangelist is also being true to yourself.

How is Canva different from other design services such as PicMonkey?
They do have some similarities. Design and templates improvement mentioned by Pef Fitzpratick when she started using Canva. Easier to use. Great fonts which are not blurry.

//Question: With the news that Vic Gundotra is leaving Google, do you think that Google+ needs a true Brand Evangelist?// They were surprised of hearing Vic Gundotra leaving Google so there is no answer for this part currently.

The power of brand evangelism to create interest from financiers – can it serve to replace traction or get more traction?
Evangelism can be used for various things but you also need to believe in what you are selling. To position helping people achieve security, peace of mind, satisfaction – its more about these soft goals. It’s not just about making a buck! Within this parameter you can apply evangelism. But evangelism isn’t the only way.

I’m not a writer I c’ant write a book
It’s a mindset towards a downwards spiral.

What is your biggest strength? (Addressed to Guy Kawasaki)
“I bring Peg Fitzpratick 8 Million followers!”
Grind it out.

Accomplishment to be remembered of (Addressed to Guy Kawasaki)
Raising four good kids

How do you workout evangelising about your product?

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