The quest to make a good cup of coffee in Mauritius from local and import beans

Lately I have been trying to make my own good cup of coffee from grinding my own beans and getting the dosages right in using various techniques from the French Press to the Bialetti / Moka Italian coffee maker. I started as a coffee drinker with the soluble brands such as Ricoffy and other Nestlé brands which I still find good and does simplify the procedures if you just want a cup of coffee without all the hassles. If you want it strong you just take a few more spoons.

Finding the right coffee to your liking can be as difficult as figuring out a good wine or any other delicacies. With all my recent coffee experiments I’m yet not really satisfied after several months. In discussion with some other coffee drinkers, many have told me, that they are as well on the constant quest of the best coffee experience! Even after years!

I still do believe Ricoffy is one of the best options even if it is just a soluble chicory. By “just” I do not claim that it’s inferior. I have often come to similar tasting experiences that a cup of ricoffy simply tasted very similar of the coffee I had in the French Press and through the paper filter. That’s where I come to the point where I wonder, why all the effort to get the same taste? Why not switch back to Ricoffy?

I do not own a coffee machine like the Nespresso which probably will take the coffee making to a new experience but I somehow do not fancy buying those capsules. And am not really looking for Espressos.

So far I have only tried 2 local coffee brands from Mauritius. And the roasted beans you use play a major role on the end result as well.

How do you like your coffee in Mauritius?

Which brands do you use and where do you buy them?

How do you make your coffee in order to get the best coffee experience & taste? 

This is the French Press. You can get them at Super U. I have tried to make a good cup of coffee with that in using both the Chamarel and La Fournaise roasted beans. I tried all sorts of dosages and I have not come to a satisfying result. I have given up on the French Press. I now use it to just as a water measuring gauge. Also, you need a coffee grinder than can deliver you a more coarse grind, not fine grind.
Making a good cup of coffee in Mauritius - 01

My coffee making arsenal.
Making a good cup of coffee in Mauritius - 02

With this Mocha / Bialetti coffee maker you can make excellent Espressos. This one is of the brand Melitta, Made in China. You can buy it at Super U. It makes sufficient Espressos for 4-6 Persons. It’s not ideal for just one person and gets kind of tricky to reduce the dosage. You will only get a good Espresso if you completely fill up the filter, which takes around 200 beans. On top your Espresso will even have Crema. A sign that it’s good. It’s also easy to overdose on the consumption if you are going to drink it alone. The Espresso that you will get will be very strong meaning you should only take a very small amount of it. I underestimated this once and filled a big cup which I partly cut with water. Yet it was so strong that I overdosed myself and I had heart palpitations after and I wasn’t OK for one whole week! That’s the first time I ever overdosed on Espresso. So, it’s possible. If you drink to many Espressos you can overdose and feel really bad! Since am not on the lookout for an Espresso, but more for a big cup of plain black coffee, I have stopped using this one.
Making a good cup of coffee in Mauritius - 03

This one is the smaller version of above. A guest left me this one. It’s small and makes just one cup. The results are not satisfying even if you fill up the filter completely. It then takes around 80 beans. I didn’t get any proper Espresso or enough strong coffee to cut it with water to make a big cup of black coffee. Tried less water, more beans. Gave up on this one to.
Making a good cup of coffee in Mauritius - 04

That’s my new thing! The Melitta plastic filter cone for 2 cups. Am more satisfied with the results I get from this one than all the stuff above! Anyone knows where you can get a ceramic one?
Making a good cup of coffee in Mauritius - 05

The device with which I grind the beans. Not ideal for a French Press.
Making a good cup of coffee in Mauritius - 06

The local Mauritian coffee brand: Café La Fournaise. The beans don’t come from Mauritius, they have been roasted here. I like it. I will have to try a few more other mixtures that they offer. We don’t really have much choice in Mauritius!
Making a good cup of coffee in Mauritius - 07

The packaging is nice, the beans are from Mauritius. They are big brown beans roasted here. I don’t like their taste. Are there any fans out there of this brand?
Making a good cup of coffee in Mauritius - 08

Well described.
Making a good cup of coffee in Mauritius - 09

How to keep the beans having their freshness.
Making a good cup of coffee in Mauritius - 10

The beans in the mixer.
Making a good cup of coffee in Mauritius - 11

The paper filters which do a great job. You can get that at Super U.
Making a good cup of coffee in Mauritius - 12

What you can use to get a simple big cup of plain black coffee.
Making a good cup of coffee in Mauritius - 13

Here goes the grinding!
Making a good cup of coffee in Mauritius - 14

Making a good cup of coffee in Mauritius - 15

The cup is waiting for the grinded beans.
Making a good cup of coffee in Mauritius - 16

After the grinding that’s how it looks like.
Making a good cup of coffee in Mauritius - 17

Take it out.
Making a good cup of coffee in Mauritius - 18

Pour it into the paper filter.
Making a good cup of coffee in Mauritius - 19

Hot water is ready. Not boiling.
Making a good cup of coffee in Mauritius - 20

Pour it in.
Making a good cup of coffee in Mauritius - 21

Making a good cup of coffee in Mauritius - 22

A big cup of black coffee is ready. So far that’s the way I like it best, but yet not so fully satisfied. Still looking for that special kind of Aroma. I once grinded 200 coffee beans and placed it in the paper filter. The Aroma was pleasing but in that way my coffee packet will finish in no time. So right now am using 3 big spoons of beans. It’s kind of OK. How much do you use to get a perfect cup of plain black coffee?
Making a good cup of coffee in Mauritius - 23

How To Brew Coffee Using The Pour Over Method

36 thoughts on “The quest to make a good cup of coffee in Mauritius from local and import beans

  1. Captain Roasted Jelly Beans

    I tried both Café La Fournaise, and the Chamarel one since it had a neat package design. Holy sh*t were they awful.

    I had some Douwe Egberts once and it was transcending! Unbelievably, when I got a jar of it the second time around, it was just not the same at all. I’m not sure whether I’m getting really bad batches or it’s all just my luck (ain’t the most fortunate of guys).

    End of the line, the best coffee I have tasted so far is the FOREIGN GROUND Single Origin Coffee COSTA RICA. You can get it from a local hypermarket.

    1. Dietmar Reigber

      Hi there!

      Thanks a lot for sharing with me your coffee experience. I concur similar experiences regarding the taste and I still have those 2 packs to finish… But am kind of close to give up on the Chamarel one…
      My next buy will be getting the beans used by “Café e Vida” at La Croisette Shopping Mall in Grand Baie. A friend of mine loves the Douwe Egberts but I don’t think we have them here in Mauritius. Did you see them anywhere on the island? If yes – let me know where please 🙂

      When you go to the Supermarket you can count on your finger the brands you can get. The choices are pretty low unfortunately! Many coffee shops here have their supplier either Segafredo or Illy coffee. They have bigger pressure machines and the coffee comes with crema. The big cup at Café e Vida, the South African brand is the one I prefer currently. So I will do an attempt next to also get their beans!

      Apparently, to get the best coffee taste experience, is to get beans that are just a few days old after roasting…

      Where did you buy the Costa Rica origin coffee? You got it in Mauritius? Was it in one of those red packages of La Fournaise?

      Best regards from Grand Baie!

  2. Zabi

    Hi guys! I am new to the coffee experience. I just recently got into coffee. I personally love (the way i know it) cafe americano. its i think simple back coffee. i havent done much research but i want to try different types of coffee, and as much as possible do it at home. Can you please recommend some brand i can look into?
    Thank you

    1. Dietmar Reigber

      Hi Zabi!

      you are in Mauritius? Cafe Americano is usually the bigger cup than the Espresso one. Americano can be a diluted Espresso as an Espresso is very strong. I also like occassinaly an Americano. What kind of coffee making utensils you have got at home? This will give me an idea what I could possible recommend you. If you are in Mauritius, we don’t have many brands… But anyway, write back and I’ll be glad to share ideas.

      Best regards,

      1. Zabi

        Heyy! thanks a lot for replying. I am in mauritius at the moment, i only used (i dunno the name of it) the one with the yellow handle in the pictures above. It is not the best for americano but was not as diluted as ive had in a cafe. I wouldnt mind buying a professional coffee machine, if that is required. At one point i wanted to buy the nestle nespresso because i wanted to be able to make a variety of coffee. However, i read that you do not get the authentic taste of making it from actual coffee. I really wouldnt mind spending a bit (not too much) to buy a nice coffee machine and to use it to make different types of coffee drinks! 🙂
        thank you soo much for helping me out.

      2. Dietmar Reigber

        Hey Zabi!

        the device with the yellow handle is an espresso maker. It only makes a small amount of coffee which is very strong or concentrated. However with this device I haven’t had so much luck in obtaining a nice espresso with the beans that I used. The Melitta espresso maker is bigger and available at Super U here in Grand Baie. It makes espresso for 4-6 persons. This one is better and I would recommend you getting that. It can make espresso with even crema. Ofcourse there a few steps to consider. This device is also called Moka Pot. I recommend you reading here how to make nice good espressos with the Moka Pot → How to make great coffee with your moka pot. To get an Americano from the espresso you have to mix it with water. The espresso is very good but also VERY STRONG and I had some very bad experience with it such as fast heart beating for more than a day! So, I have left my fingers off the espresso maker and just grind my beans, and pour water over it using that black device in the photos above. I want to try the Café É Vida beans that you can get at La Croisette soon… Also wondering to get a coffee machine that makes filter coffee… I haven’t considered the Nespresso machine (yet – it does taste good!) as I like the rituals of getting beans, smelling them, grinding them and doing all the preparations. And I keep having that quest of making my own perfect cup of coffee! Let me know how your coffee adventures are progressing! Do you have any favorite coffee shops on the island?

        Best regards,

  3. Jacques

    Hi Everyone,

    I love good coffee and in my opinion the best start to a good cup is a good bean to cup machine like a Jura. Pod systems are terrible and I avoid them at all costs. That being said does anyone know where I can buy a bean to cup machine on the island? Can’t seem to find any on the net.

    Any advice will be greatly appreciated!
    Best regards

    1. Dietmar Reigber

      Hi Jacques,

      here in Mauritius, the market is too small for that, there is no niche big enough for such machines. I remember in Germany that there is a whole tradition into making a proper investment into getting a good quality machine that will last for a while deliver nice good coffee with the proper pressure and grinding the beans all in one. I was wondering what could be the solution, you might need to import one OR if you have the budget, get one from those companies that equip coffee shops? But those machines are rather big and more meant for serving A LOT of coffee… so an import might be your only bet!

      What I do is I grind my beans myself, and use the French Press to brew them for 10 mins, that way I get more or less what I like in my taste. Currently at Food Lovers they are also selling filter coffee from Brazil, it’s nice, not to strong, not to weak.

      Sunny regards from Grand Baie,

  4. Tariiq

    Its possible to get freshly roasted beans from cafe la fournaise ( The trick is to go to the factory not the outlets. Once you order they roast it immediately and deliver. It’s even warm when they hand it over to you 🙂

    1. Dietmar Reigber

      Hi Tariiq,
      thanks for your feedback. Just checked their homepage and noticed “We collaborate with the Belgian company Miko and are promoting their Fairtrade and Rainforest brand ”Puro”. Miko also offers organic coffee products.” I drank that a while but it was really “fuerte” 🙂 recently I got some brazilian grinded beans at Food Lovers La Croisette, its neither too strong nor too mild, tastes excellent. But freshly roasted I haven’t tried yet – where is their factory? Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

  5. Tariiq

    Pleasure! I would recommend blend no. 8. It’s an all rounder – Makes a beautiful crema, tastes deep & smells great.

      1. Dietmar Reigber

        Currently just the French Press. Thinking of trying to brew it the arabic way in the near future, I have one of those metal pots with that long handle that you can heat over the stove. Did you get your machine in Mauritius itself?

  6. nik patel

    I am in early 2017 going to be bringing my own coffee called Mbanza Coffee to Mauritius direct from coffee farms and my own roaster in Rwanda – a country reputed to have amongst the best coffee in the world. I will be bringing both roasted bean and ground coffee. I will also locally in Mauritius produce pre-brewed coffee using a special technique and ofcourse with my own coffee. The pre-brewed coffee you take out straight from the frduge and do whatever you want with it..heat, mix, freeze..the point being there will be no need for any machines or drink it straight from the fridge and it will keep for a month or more in the fridge. It will change the way coffee is drunk as it will be no mess, no fuss and always delicious

    1. Dietmar Reigber

      Hi Nik,
      I also heard it from a South African in Mauritius who loves coffee, he told me the one from Rwanda & Burundi is one of the best. I wonder what it is related to – good unique soil and weather conditions…?
      I haven’t heard of pre brewed coffee yet, interesting! …though I like doing effort to get a good coffee – it’s like a ritualistic tradition that feels rewarding 🙂

      1. nik patel

        Hi Dietmar, the conditions are similar in both Burundi and Rwanda but Rwanda slightly better as its at higher altitude and has volcanic soils. This together with the good sunshine and rain leads to a great coffee. Pre-brewed coffee is for people who dont have the time but do want the great taste..they can just get the coffee from the fridge and heat it up before serving without having to use machines or brewing etc. Ofcourse for folks such as yourself who like to prepare and brew it i will be offering the normal roasted bean and ground coffee
        Good things costs money so just to point out my coffee is a premium single origin handcrafted coffee. Its not a blend and all the coffee comes from one very small area of Rwanda and is then processed & prepared by hand and mostly by women.

      2. Dietmar Reigber

        maybe what Mauritius lacks is the altitude while it does have is lava soil… Haven’t tasted Madagascar coffee yet.
        You can include your contact details if you are going to sell those special beans in Mauritius.
        If you have some photos that would be great to 🙂

  7. Coffe Quest

    Anybody know if some kind of import permit is required when buying fresh beans of coffee from overseas.

    Bought some from uk.Expecting them soon and worried i might not get them for like a month because of paperwork.


    1. Dietmar Reigber

      it would surprise me if you will need to use a broker to get them out. These are roasted coffee beans and well packaged. There is no custom duty on coffee, you will only need to pay 15% VAT on the value of the coffee. And am sure your coffee beans value is not above Rs.10 000. For certain products, it is only after a certain value that you will need a broker to get it out and then indeed it will take 4 weeks + loosing time in going to Port-Louis a few times. The procedure will be simple, you will get a letter to fetch your items, show up at the customs with your ID card, pay the VAT and that should be it. Please do let us know how it went!



  8. Coffe Quest

    Thought so too. Just wanted to reassure myself i guess.

    bought coffee and a grinder here btw if you want to have a look.

    Grinder had lots of positive reviews and wasn’t so expensive for me. Be careful when buying though bought mine a little more expensive because of voltage of MRU and UK matching. You’ll find plenty of electronics cheap online check the voltage before buying.

    I remember buying an xbox 360 when it first came out online. Just for me to power it up and boom. Power Supply blew up. Never again.

    I’ll update my comment when i get it.

    Happy new year and thanks.

    1. Dietmar Reigber

      Happy New Year to you too!
      do they use a different voltage in the UK? Reminds me of my XBOX – I have a US XBOX version, I had to get a power convertor which changes the voltage and it only plays US country code CDs – what are you playing on now? Might sell my xbox… haven’t used it since ages…

  9. Coffe Quest

    I have not used it in a pretty long time myself. Bought Xbox and Xbox360 mainly to play HALO and Gears of War franchise which to me remains the best console games to date.

    Besides that normal games thats available on every platform Fifa’s etc. Had a lot of Kinect Games. Never played most of them.

    Uk and Mru uses the same voltage indeed as does most of europe in fact.

    1. Dietmar Reigber

      I only played Need for Speed Most Wanted – it reminded of more than 10 years ago where we played it with several friends on PC… it was a lot of fun!
      Else a fan of Civilization on PC…

  10. nik

    Dear Coffee lovers there is a new facebook group called “Coffee lovers in Mauritius” which you may consider joining

    also a new coffee product page called “Mbanza Coffee” on facebook


      1. nik

        Hi Dietmar. I have actually been in the coffee business for a long time. In Rwanda specifically. There we buy direct from small coffee farmers in a tiny area on the shores of lake Kivu. They bring their coffee to our washing station where we use the wet method to depulp, clean & sort the bean from the coffee cherry. After drying we send the coffee to our own dry mill and then we hand sort the beans to get the Grade A1 bean. These are ones we roast (or export as green bean to Starbuck etc ). All processing is done by hand and by women.
        Mbanza is our new export brand and we will kick off our global launch right here starting in Mauritius as this is where i live.
        Mbanza is a premium specialty single origin arabica coffee so i would be very interested to see how Mauritians take to it after launch sometime in March.

      2. Dietmar Reigber

        Very interesting indeed Nik! Thank you for sharing with us also the procedures from beginning till packaging. Nice to have such details right first hand. There was a coffee shop at Richmond Hill (closed now), close to Super U that used to advertise (if I remember correctly) a coffee that comes from Rwanda – or from surrounding regions. Did you know about this coffee shop?

  11. Jash

    Hello everyone,
    The unblended single origin coffee – Mbanza Coffee mentioned by Nik in a previous post has launched in Mauritius but is not available in supermarkets.
    You may get beans or ground 250g bags by calling 5758-1958

  12. Jash

    Thanks Dietmar.
    When you’re ready to give Mbanza a try, hope your quest for a good cup of coffee is over.
    For me it was Love at first cup!


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