Holiday home rental agencies future in Mauritius?

What are the future outlooks of agencies in the holiday home rentals industry of Mauritius?

In the perspective of a tour operator who acts as a reseller, working with property managers and owners of such vacation rentals earning a return on short term rentals from tourists. A personal view of the current and possible future outlooks for agencies and sharing from an insider perspective what are the barriers and with a dose of a rather pessimistic frame of mind!

Holiday home rental agencies future in Mauritius

Holiday home rental agencies future in Mauritius

I have been involved with the Mauritius vacation rental tourism industry for more than 10 years now. I have also collaborated with various hotels for the last 8 years. Today, I want to write and look at the vacation rentals industry from various perspectives if there is still a future for agencies in this sector or if it looks rather gloomy. Many traditional offline travel agencies have been hit by the internet; will there be a next wave of clean up where many small online agencies will also be put under the carpet leaving only the big players to stand?

Things to ponder upon and I hope my colleagues in this industry will read this article and deeply reflect on their own future.

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