Mauritius Charcuterie Fresh or Frozen Meat Products supplier of 5 Star hotels De Lapeyre Ltd.

Whether its pickled specialities, a smoked chicken or roasted ham – De Lapeyre Ltd. is your partner of choice for your local charcuterie meat products in Mauritius.

Charcuterie Mauritius De Lapeyre Ltd.

Charcuterie Mauritius De Lapeyre Ltd.

They have their own savoir faire, authentic recipes and traditional techniques practised since over 30 years.

De Lapeyre Ltd. is a company specialised in meat products. Sometimes when you eat a meal in a hotel you might wonder – but from where did my meat come from? Who distributed this fine steak? Hotels must cater for many guests and I can only imagine that planning for food stocks in the hotel must require a lot of management work and same goes for the company doing the distribution who must make sure that in its stocks it has the finest meat and at the right quantity.

De Lapeyre Ltd. has more than 30 years of experience in the charcuterie industry of Mauritius. They can source you fresh and frozen meat products or a quality final product. Over the years they have built themselves a reputation by delivering quality products and by keeping a good track record of being on time. Especially if you are running a restaurant in Mauritius or a hotel and you have placed an order you will really need it on time else you will loose customers and it can even harm the image of your business not being able to satisfy the demand of your clients. There is nothing to it than a client desiring his steak and you are not able to supply. A client might remember this moment for ever…

Charcuterie in Mauritius comes in many blends and flavors. Mauritius has a melting pot of nations meaning there is a large variety of menus. De Lapeyre Ltd. offers you a variety of menus by using recipes whose origins come from various backgrounds and communities. They have their own style and promise you succulent results.

Have you ever tried a Rougaille Boucane?
You can get advise from De Lapeyre Ltd. for choosing the right Boucane. The rougaille itself can be made in around 15mins. You will need to have slices of boucane ready.
Also have handy olive oil, onion, garlic, tomato dices and some chopped cotomili.
1. You start by frying the boucane slices for 5 minutes and you add a drop of olive oil.
2. After 5mins add onion, garlic and fry for 2 minutes.
3. Then add your dices of tomatoes and simmer for 5 minutes.
Now its done, serve with some finely chopped cotomili.

Want some extra taste? Try some honey or brown sugar at the end of cooking and cycle for extra taste.

Some of the specials of this charcuterie in Mauritius specialist are whole pork roast a la broche, pickled meat as you wish, fresh cuts platter and catering services.

You want to order or get in contact with de Lapeyre Ltd?

You can reach them here:
Zone 5, Mauritius Freeport Development,
Port Louis,

TEL +230 206 2105
FAX +230 206 2104

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