Mauritius Beach Villas

Over the years I have visited many beach villas in Mauritius which I have accumulated in my portfolio of holiday rentals at my company Isla-Mauricia. Beach villas or simply put private holiday homes can offer you a stunning alternative in comparison to hotels. Some beach villas are definitely no compromise if you are looking for an upper class 5 star level accommodation with various services included which can also be adapted and tailor made according to the routine of how you like to spend and plan your day. A villa and its personnel will only be focused on delivering you their best service. A villa is also very interesting price wise for a group of friends or families travelling together. Some properties also offer the possibility to book several villas next to each other. When you book a villa, you will not need to worry about cleaning and maintenance. Some villas also offer the cooking service included and others come with full board or access to restaurants within their estate or close by.

What is so special about villas in Mauritius?
The location of many beach villas in Mauritius is by utmost one of the main outstanding criteria that makes them so uniquely special! In some villas you will have a white sandy beach and azure blue lagoon right in front of your house where you can bath. This is such a great way to experience your holiday that not even words and photos can come anyway close to how good it feels when you see the lagoon right from your veranda while chipping on a nice tropical fruit juice and knowing that any time that you feel like it you can just jump into the lagoon!

Villas in Mauritius come in various designs, sizes and formats with various services included. You can get villas that range in the price range of EUR 300-500 per night for 3 bedrooms and more expensive but in general most villas have a minimum of 3 bedrooms and services such as cleaning and maintenance are included. Now, there are also villas which are composed of only one bedroom and ideal for couples and honeymooners, these villas come in various budget at around EUR 150-300 per night. A special candle light dinner on the beach can also be organised upon request.

Usually villas offered by agencies are trustworthy to be of excellent standing since they have visited them before marketing them. This is also a reason why its good booking with an agency who can also give you advice depending on what kind of holiday setting you are looking for. For example if you want to kite surf then villas in certain regions where the wind is optimal must be advised to you and if you want to play golf I can offer you villas where the villa is located right next to a golf course and now comes the goodies with green fees already included! This is what differentiates the experience in booking your holiday accommodation in Mauritius with an agency like Isla-Mauricia or doing it yourself on a vacation home listing site where you can get contact directly with the owners.

Design wise you can also get a very broad choice of different kind of designs, from colonial till contemporary Balinese design; there are so many architectural designs for you to opt for.

Which seasons should I consider when booking a villa in Mauritius?
It’s hot during the months of December till April. 30-33°Celsius. Also note that Mauritius can also be visited by a hurricane in that season. Its less hot in the months of May till October and there are no hurricanes in that period of time. Around +/-25°Celsius during the day and colder at night. In the hot summer months you can stay on any coastal region of the island. During the colder winter months the east coast gets more windy, ideal if you want to kite surf.

Which regions should I consider to book my villa?
On this I can advise you when we discuss about the criteria that you are looking for in your holiday. If you want to stay in a remote location or a region more closer to the facilities of a town, Mauritius gives you various options to consider.

How can I book a holiday in a villa in Mauritius?
You’ll need to sort out your dates and number of persons. Flight tickets must be booked separately. On arrival in Mauritius I can organise you to be fetched and brought to the villa. A car rental can also be organised and delivered to your villa. If you are going to come at the end of December you need to book very early in advance. Sometimes one year before. Availability for villas in general in Mauritius is quite scarce therefore its good to plan in advance. The peak seasons are January, April, October, November and December. You just contact me on to enquire for your villa.

Find below some of my favourite villas in Mauritius

Mauritius Private Luxury Laid back Villas Gated Community Own Pool
These villas are only 2 km from the closest beach, located in the north of Mauritius. These villas offer a private garden and pool that can even be heated during the colder winter months. Note that the Mauritius winter is by no comparison to a winter in the northern hemisphere like in Europe or the USA. The Mauritius winter is for some what the summer is in Europe. These villas come in various sizes, from 1 bedroom villas up to 4 bedroom villas. Ideal also for couples and honeymooners. These villas are also a bit less costly than what villas usually cost which make them very attractive for couples.

To discover more about these villas click here!

Mauritius Beach Villas, East Coast, Roches Noires – SPACIOUS LUXURY
Nice modern villas with private garden and pool with access to a beautiful white sandy beach and lagoon. These villas are composed of 3 bedrooms each and one of them has 4 bedrooms. Fully equipped and modern interior décor. Located on the eastern coast of Mauritius. Like the offer above, these villas are also very competitive price wise.

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5 Stars Luxury Villa in Mauritius – THE Royal Spice
This is one of my all time favourite villas in Mauritius! This is a unique private villa. There is only one of this kind and its situated in a lovely tropical garden with its own pool. This villa also has an access to the beach across the coastal lane. What I particularly like about this villa is its design and the well being feeling that is associated with the place when you are there. This villa has 3 bedrooms and can accommodate 6 persons. Located in the north of Mauritius. Villa has a team on site that will also cook for you, prepare your breakfast, lunch and dinner! You discuss with the team the menus that you would like them to prepare for you. Since this villa is located in the north, you will also have a lot of facilities close by such as a gym and wellness spa just a few mins drive. Other great beaches are also just 10-15mins drive away. I recommend this villa to families and group of friends. A stunning location!

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Your Luxury Residence for your Mauritius Travel – VILLA ALCYONE
This villa is part of an estate. In this estate you have 3 villa types; 3 bedrooms, 4 bedrooms, 5 bedrooms and 7 bedrooms! It’s quite rare to find 5 stars luxury villas in Mauritius with up to 7 bedrooms! I like these villas as they offer a real concept of space, and especially if you want to recharge your batteries this property is very quiet! The pool is huge, you can really swim lanes in there! The design is contemporary Balinese and each bedroom is a huge 5 Star suite! You also have a big private garden and the beach is around 10-15mins walk away which you can also access with the golf car. The estate is located in the south of Mauritius in a remote region which has various other hotels and a great golf course. You can get access close by to various wellness spas of other resorts, restaurants, kids clubs, beach club and more! Ideal for families and a group of friends. If you are a couple and tempted by these big villas, don’t refrain as for the villa Alcyone for example each bedroom is a big suite located spread out in the garden of the villa meaning the other bedrooms that won’t be used can be closed up and contact me to quote you a special offer.

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Luxury Beach Villa with Pool Mauritius facing Lagoon – KARMINA DELUXE
A private luxury beach villa located at a stunning spot in the north of Mauritius where you have a magnificent view right from your pavilion! The villa also has its own pool, beautiful tropical garden and modern designed villa of high standing. The villa has 3 bedrooms and can host up to 6 persons. Ideal for families or a group of friends and couples. Villa is fully serviced and the cooking service is included. If you want to stay in a top location right on the beach then checkout this villa!

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