How to connect to your D-Link Wireless N 150 Bridge / Access point via browser in Ubuntu when http://dlinkap is inaccessible

D-Link Wireless N 150 Bridge Access Point

I acquired this little device from a friend who thought it might come handy someday if I want to extend my wifi network at home. Since upstairs I started my IUGO project where I propose an apartment & studio for holiday rentals, I also wish my guests to have wifi. So I first did a reset (pressing the button at the back) on the device and tried to access it as admin by pluging an ethernet cable from the device into my PC.

…But even though I typed into my browser http://dlinkap it didn’t want to build a connection to the device.

How to solve this?
You will need to set up manually a connection.
I am a ubuntu linux user. I went into my network settings and created a new connection profile for this device.

Making a manual network connection for D-Link N150 - 01
Making a manual network connection for D-Link N150 - 02

It is important that you also add the device MAC address.

Making a manual network connection for D-Link N150 - 03

You must also make entries for the IPv4 Settings.
IP =
Subnet Mask =
Gateway =

Once done, go to your browser and type in and you should be able to access your device. By default you just have to type in admin as user and leave password blank to access your device back-end interface. When I left out the MAC address this procedure didn’t work, maybe it will in windows.

Once I set up the device to be a bridge, that is to extend my wifi signal upstairs, I tested it with my laptop and the signal was rather weak. I then decided to use 2 netgear wifi extenders instead which are stronger and more stable. This device is only practical for short distances like from one room to another.

Credits for info’s also go to Travis Illig who has made a post blog regarding this issue. I wished to extend on this subject for ubuntu users regarding that the MAC address has also to be used.

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