ERP Made in Mauritius by ProximaSoft and how my interest was sparked!

I like ERP, Data Centres, web hosting, servers, ubuntu linux, CRMS, especially when its related to and from Mauritius. Therefore when I’m contacted by a software company in Mauritius, its like waking up a very curious sleeping data crawler…

What is ERP!?
ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. ERP is usually composed of various software modules with which you can manage various internal processes of a company.
With ERP you can optimise how your company is run, become efficient, save money and increase performance. Developing your own ERP or custom made FROM SCRATCH with some programmers that you appoint can in many situations be overkill meaning such projects can tend to be huge, be very costly and end up in catastrophies if some bugs cannot be fixed after some years and you become very dependant on the initial programmers that developed your software.
In many cases it is more wise to use, implement and adapt software already made by EXPERTS in this area. Companies in Mauritius need ERP and even better if a local software company like ProximaSoft can supply such software as they will understand way more better the needs of the local market and offer optimum solutions. This is where ProximaSoft can assist you.

ERP Made in Mauritius by ProximaSoft - Solis ERP ©

ERP Made in Mauritius by ProximaSoft – Solis ERP ©

They cover in large areas of:
+Human Ressources
+Tailor Made adapted to your business needs
> Discover more here

A little intro how I got acquainted with ProximaSoft
I got a phone call a few hours (17.04.2014) ago by the Sales Executive, Nathalie Motet-Hansen from ProximaSoft Ltd. Reflecting back on the phone call and since I like to analyse various steps of sales approaches I paid particular attention to this phone discussion thread because it was done very professionally and I can tell with great affinity and experience! Very good sales persons are rare jewels and extreme valuable assets to a company!
While I mentioned straight away that I have no interest in their products the sales person was still able to have an informative discussion and spark my interest for their upcoming road show and products that they offer. I would usually have expected the sales person to have already hung up. As the saying goes, there are some people that learn to sell, some perform well and then there are rare jewels who get you fully enticed to WANT their product. I also find it smart to organise a road show, invite part takers of various industries who can learn more of their product and assist in a Q&A session and get to meet the board of directors of the company. After all this will help the industry and Mauritius to progress. We must look at the big picture.

By the way I run the company Isla-Mauricia which offers vacation rentals online and the Solis ERP offers solutions for property managers to manage for example availabilities and also to handle data (bookings, sales, and more!) between owners, property manager and income from rentals efficiently. This is one of their many feature rich functions. Discover more on their website.

Mauritius PMS
Mauritius holiday rentals industry needs some structure to manage better its availabilities for sales by agents. You can read here in my article about the future outlooks of this industry where I wrote that there is a big challenge to be mastered regarding the issue of inefficient management of availabilities of villas and apartments in Mauritius.

PMS stands for Property Management System. What we need in Mauritius is one CENTRAL DATABASE where all availabilities are accessible and that can be sold by various contracted agents. This is not very easy as it requires the full collaboration of owners. There have been many attempts for such a development but Mauritius should be able to master this because tourism is a very vital pillar of its economy and especially for you landlords and property managers. See more about ProximaSoft PMS here.

First contact
ProximaSoft contacted me last week per email. Their email was simple and straight forward with bullet points depicting what they do and offer. Here I learned a lesson from them, to keep an email simple when you target companies or potential customers – one can often learn how others operate if it worked on yourself.

Attached were numerous PDF files which I haven’t opened yet. Useful resources for different market segments. Maybe later I’ll dig more into those documents as I’m now growing some interest in their operations.

Regarding file attachments, in my comfort I prefer to click on links and get the immediate message of who I’m dealing with in a few seconds or be lead to a download section.

As an idea for a new customer acquisition email I would create short links which you can track that link to micro sites, videos, flash videos that get you all fancied up about the company!
If I’m not thrilled with what I see, it will not take long for me to click the SPAM button!

Webhosting and Co Location in Mauritius
When ProximaSoft wrote me their first email, I wrote them back out of pure curiosity and also out of interest as I like what they do. I enquired if they have their own Data Centre as I like servers in data centres. One of my many dreams is to have a data centre someday that can offer computational power! Indeed I got a quick response back and they do have their own servers in Mauritius plus redundancy solutions, cloud computing and more coming up soon. It’s great to see this development and progress on the island.

So far the only data centre that I have seen from outside is the one from EMTEL at Arsenal. And there are a few more, check those links to get a picture of the co location services Mauritius has to offer:

Orange Tower Ebene
Multi Carrier Mauritius Limited
Bhumishq Technologies Ltd.
Continuity Mauritius

More than just ERP
ProximaSoft can also offer you way more than just software which you can even access online without the need to pre install everything on your local PCs which is also a way of being on the safe side of foreboding in case you loose your equipment in a flood or cyclone! And mentioning disasters they also offer disaster recovery solutions which companies in Mauritius shouldn’t neglect.

As I was told on the phone by the Sales Manager ProximaSoft can also assist in the acquisition of hardware equipment and setting up of networks and more. Discover more on their website!

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    The article discusses the importance of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software and its potential benefits for businesses in Mauritius. It highlights ProximaSoft as a local software company offering ERP solutions tailored to the needs of the local market. The writer also appreciates the professionalism of a sales call from ProximaSoft. Overall, it’s a positive endorsement of the company’s services and the value of ERP systems for businesses in Mauritius.


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