at 4000 × 3000 in DIY Waterproofing and Solar Reflector paint works on roof in Mauritius.

Sanyo Water Pump Mauritius
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Dietmar Reigber

Welcome to my Blog! Am glad you read it till here! Apart from blogging I like playing electric guitar, hike, read books, study stuff, research on how things work and I am also a small scale Farmer, Kombucha Brewer and the maker of Lemonades. I use a Low Sugar formula. Occasionally I also make coconut chutneys depending on my coconuts harvest. You can get these from me in Grand Baie, Mauritius. WhatsApp me on 5830 2949 for more details.

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2 thoughts on “Sanyo-Water-Pump-Mauritius-IMG_20190517_154743

    1. Dietmar Reigber

      Hi Heemla, I don’t think it’s still for sale in Mauritius. Check with JKalachand if they are still importing it. Mine started to leak, my uncle is trying to repair it. I use another pump now that I got from Espace Maison. These Sanyo pumps were the BEST!


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