Digital Shopping Tool Impact Study – how to improve your tools performance?

Purchase decisions – How and why people shop and buy

What are digital shopping tools was the first question I had when I saw the interview title of Jason T. Wiser Google+ hangout on air. This question gets answered by Kim Finnerty in more details in their discussion round that you should watch if you are running a business online. At first I thought it is some sort of analytics tool or stats. Actually it can be anything from a search engine to a mobile payment program.

Digital Shopping Tool Impact Study

Digital Shopping Tool Impact Study by #OnTrackTips

Whenever I watch any of these interviews I’m on the lookout for the jewel information which I can put into practice for my own Mauritius Holiday Rentals business for my agency Isla-Mauricia. What spoke out to me the most is the topic regarding reviews and you will note that my transcript which is a break up of their discussion below also mentions that reviews generate very high conversion rates. Even though this video dates back to the year 2013 you will see in this Google+ post which I have reshared recently from Jason T. Wiser which dates back to the 4th of August where he gives a good advice about linking to your Google+ reviews.

What is my personal experience with Social Media into trying to break the code in getting bookings generated for beach villas and luxury apartments in Mauritius?

I haven’t cracked this code and it took me years first to grasp and get an idea how I can use various social media platforms alone just to get some engagement. I tried some paid campaigns on Facebook and so far best success was for the French speaking market where we have excellent engagement. Regarding conversion rates these are very low or not present. We have remained consistent over the years and also managed to build a very engaging twitter account for our Isla-Mauricia agency which is run in English. Retweets, favorites and mentions occur daily and sometimes at a very high frequency. We do get some questions and requests but still it hasn’t show us any significant conversions. We are sure running all these tools should continue and results will pay off later. Another issue is that it’s very time consuming and if you are a small company you will need to practice time management to be able to manage all these tools efficiently. By the way if you are a social media passionate and based in Mauritius and eventually interested to manage to assist me in managing my social media network – please give me a shout. My office is based in Pointe aux Canonniers. Click here to contact me.

See my notes below of the following Google+ hangout on air:
2013 Digital Shopping Tool Impact Study

Digital communication tools.

Retailers website



Mobile payment

Shopping apps

and more…

Which are the best tools for a small business?
What’s for me, what’s not!?
Social Media Universe: Top 1 is Groupon, followed by Facebook, Twitter and Google+
Turning Social Media into a shopping tool.

Mobile vs. Desktop
Most tools were used on a desktop at least.
A lot of tools have witnessed growth on mobiles and tablets.
More and more people are getting smartphones – more shopping should be coming from these devices.

A list of digital tools with which you can shop shown in the video:
Search engine

Store websites

Printable coupons

Retailer emails

Brand websites

Daily deal sites

Brand social media

Retailer social media

Product reviews

LTC coupons

Mobile coupons

Shopping apps

Retailer texts

Mobile payment

Product reviews generates very high conversion rates.

Is Social Media a selling platform?
Viewed by many companies as a “brand building platform”.
Social media can be used to change the behaviour of potential customers. Can create impulse for a purchase.

How to make social commerce work?
That is the question!
Most marketers haven’t cracked this code yet!
Ping your clients! Google+ / Not possible on Facebook!
Moving Social media into the star quadrant.

Call to action?
Find what your shoppers are doing, be outhere in as many places as possible.

Take aways for small business
Get your tools right! Know your market that you are targeting and figure out which tools they use. Such as baby boomers, mums etc.



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  1. Kristin Drysdale

    You never cease to impress! Super great job on this! It was actually one of my very favorite #OTT shows. The study is very impressive, too. I still look at it from time to time.

    You, sir, are thorough as ever!


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