Bund wall at Fort George and Fort William close to the Sugar Bulk Terminal, Mauritius

I saw this from the slope of Le Pouce mountain during a hike and wonder – what is that!?

When you climb up Le Pouce mountain till the peak you will be able to see that there is a big square outline in the ocean close to the sugar bulk terminal of Port-Louis harbor at a size of around 35 hectares (to be filled). Does that not make you curious to ask – what is that empty outline!? …because it looks like its going to be filled up!

It is a bund wall at Fort George and Fort William to hold materials such as sand resulting from dredging to deepen existing container terminals so giant container ships carrying more than 8 000 to 9,000 TEUs can come to Port-Louis harbor, it’s also in line of the modernisation of the harbor to remain competitive. Else those ships cannot stop by Mauritius to do business.

I have wondered what it is and there isn’t much information about it out there. According to some articles posted last year the outline that is the bund wall should have reached completion stage by now and it does look they are on time. (I’m assuming from the looks of it!).

It does say at the end of the port guide linke below:
“In addition to the protection of the dredged material, the bund wall will minimise the suspension of the sediments in the effluent that would be discharged to the sea, hence it is also an environmental mitigation measure.”

From Baie du Tombeau before Le Goulet when coming from Port-Louis you can see sediments which I estimate to be from past dredging works. This is how suspended sediments look like:

In this report
http://www.ukmarinesac.org.uk/activities/ports/ph5_2_3.htm you can read that man made impact of suspended sediments can at times be of minor effect on the environment compared to nature itself such as storms who can disperse suspended sediments over large areas see here: Dust blows from the Sahara Desert over the Atlantic Ocean towards the Canary Islands

Now I actually wonder where exactly is NeoTown located…
Here it is! Nice website actually to locate ares allocated to projects.

In this promotional video you can get an idea what is expected of NeoTown. I wonder from where the bridge would start and end and by how much traffic statistics wise it would increase adding on to that if Jin Fei is ever to emerge as well… Then that small round about between Terre Rouge and Riche Terre for around 18 000 dwellers will be another “Phoenix” bottle neck. Fly overs will be required. Connection points for the mass transit as well.

What are your thoughts on this?


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