I have taken the word Siloi from the local creole patois of Mauritius. It is pronounced Siloee or Soloï where the last letter <i> gets a higher pitch. I cannot recall the origin of this word but it occurred to me once while I was brainstorming with word combinations Siloi and net as this is an expression we use on the island to say SILOI NET!

Siloi depends in which context you use it and it can mean an awesome state of mind or a good vibe, feeling great etc. I will deduce here from posting and creatively using this blog that a state of Siloi is achieved.

I have gained great interest in Google+ over these last months (2014) and posted several articles. On numerous advise of people who have been engaging on my posts they suggested to me that I should start my own blog. So here it is! I already run a Mauritius Blog for my company Isla-Mauricia which are blogs that have a clear framework in which I have to stick to meaning I cannot use them for topics that are off topic for example. This is where my blog Siloi.NET will be the ideal playground. I haven’t set a particular topic area or theme that I will focus. I will be using Siloi.NET to have fun and it will be my unlabelled sketchpad.

I’m looking forward in making new connections through my blog, engaging in discussions whether in comments or on Google+ and also check out your blog. Bloggers also make new friends and I’ll be happy to link back to my new blogger friends.

What do I do for a living?
I manage the company “Isla-Mauricia” which offers beautiful holiday rentals right on the beach! I can assist you in organising your accommodation for your stay on the island of Mauritius. I have covered really a lot of themes and topics in my Mauritius Blog but if there is anything particular you have questions about or would like me to write about your suggestions are welcome. I also run a community on Google+ called: Mauritius Holidays | Join before you travel!

Topics of Interest?
Various. I like the SEO subject but not the fully technical part but more how a search engine is impacting the business sphere of online companies through its algorithms and how these have to adapt in their marketing strategies by simply focusing on their brand and business and not game the algorithm. Technology. Robotics. Entrepreneurship.
Social Media is also a very interesting topic I like following up on and watching recorded Google+ hangouts and engaging with various persons in those hangouts. Books. And more to be discovered in my posts!

Since I live on a magnificent tropical island I enjoy being in the lagoon and swim like a fish, its nature and Mauritius Pirogue sailing boats which are very calm and peaceful. After a while in front of the PC screen I will need to jump back on my bicycle and hit some miles back to the lagoon…

Enjoy your read over here on Siloi.NET!

Sunny regards,

Mauritius Pirogue with Sails

Mauritius Pirogue with Sails – This is Hervé’s boat, ideal to enjoy a relaxed trip to islands such as Flat island or Ilot Gabriel…

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