Monthly Archives: June 2015

Bringing my car to the examination centre in Port-Louis (fitness)

Last week was the sixth time I was at car fitness in Port-Louis and it was chaotic at a time where it usually is more smooth. That is 13:30. The new premises still haven’t opened and I wonder when… There is less parking space, and the number of cars required to go the fitness centre […]

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Mauritians should consume more of Mighty Rice grown and Made in Mauritius

Made in Moris I have been eating rice since my childhood and Mighty Rice is the best rice I have ever had! It tastes so good and if you check its specifications its one of the healthiest! This product needs our support as local consumers and at least a pack should land into your trolley […]

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Withdrawing money from PayPal to your Visa credit card in Mauritius

Recently PayPal has approved the function of receiving money in Mauritius. To be precise since the 13.04.15 PayPal accounts in Mauritius can now receive payments and withdraw funds. This was previously not available for Mauritius. The only function you could use was to make payments via your credit card through PayPal. In this article I […]

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