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This is what SEO talk sounds like when 5 experts meet

Yesterday I had a look at this recorded hangout on air embedded below of “How Does Google Determine Content Quality? How Would You?” whicht hosted the following five speakers: +Eric Enge, +Bill Slawski, +Ammon Johns, +David Harry, +Mark Traphagen I have seen those guys speak in various other recorded HoAs and their discussions always deliver […]

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Changes in the landscape of holiday rental agencies in Mauritius

This year has been a -and still is going to be a very challenging year for many holiday rental agencies in Mauritius. When I speak of holiday rental agencies in general, I mean those that act as an intermediary in proposing beach villas and apartments on their websites usually holding a tour operators licence obtained […]

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Yifat Cohen & Jason T. Wiser Google+ Strategies – How to master hashtags and decipher authority signals

Yesterday night I spent a while watching those two recorded hangout on air (HoA) sessions of Jason T. Wiser and Yifat Cohen. I decided to give it a night and let it sink in and reflect before I make my personal article of what spoke to me the most from their presentation. I must also […]

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Digital Shopping Tool Impact Study – how to improve your tools performance?

Purchase decisions – How and why people shop and buy What are digital shopping tools was the first question I had when I saw the interview title of Jason T. Wiser Google+ hangout on air. This question gets answered by Kim Finnerty in more details in their discussion round that you should watch if you […]

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Mauritius Charcuterie Fresh or Frozen Meat Products supplier of 5 Star hotels De Lapeyre Ltd.

Whether its pickled specialities, a smoked chicken or roasted ham – De Lapeyre Ltd. is your partner of choice for your local charcuterie meat products in Mauritius. They have their own savoir faire, authentic recipes and traditional techniques practised since over 30 years.

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What costs to expect when starting your own holiday rentals agency or tour operator services in Mauritius?

In my first article in my blog I wrote in depth about “What are the future outlooks of agencies in the holiday home rentals industry of Mauritius?” My article is quite long and covers in a whole how to get started and what challenges you will face. I also address my own pessimistic view of […]

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